Will HTML 5 Break Apple’s Stranglehold on Apps? - Interesting

Apple have several ways to control what can run on their devices: Prohibit plug-ins like Flash, cripple the Java they run, or simply limit the installation process. But HTML 5, the next big standard for the web, will dramatically reduce this control by creating a new generation of web sites that look and feel like they’re iPhone apps.

I think HTML 5 will transform the web to the next gear. See how Google Wave looks for example? Both Google Wave and HTML 5 IS the future. If Apple makes so the iPhone can't run HTML 5 Web apps, then they has gone to far. I don't think they will do it anyways. Interesting thoughts though. Knowledge: http://kb.clipotech.com/html5

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Posted 3 months ago

Updates to Seesmic Web - Inline Previews, Internationalization and more! - Where is multi-account support?

Seesmic Web is updated!

Here is the mail I've got from Seesmic Team:

As you know, we recently announced updates to Seesmic Desktop. Once again, we're very happy to share with you our latest product updates for Seesmic Web. Along with our recent updates to Seesmic Desktop, we are working hard to continue to provide features to help you build and manage your community.

Here are some of the exciting updates:

Inline Previews for Certain Links
You can now preview certain links in Seesmic Web. Easily review picture links via twitpic, yfrog and mobypicture within your current browser window without the distraction of opening a new one. Also, preview interactive displays from certain bit. ly links - you can preview YouTube videos or Google Maps displays, all conveniently within your browser.

We've started our process with the internationalization for Seesmic Web with French and Chinese. We are also planning our internationalization translation process with the help of our TeamSeesmic members. We're very excited about making Seesmic Web globally inclusive and even more excited working with some of our important assets - our users!

Favorite Timeline
We've added a favorites section to the timeline. Now you'll be able to see all your favorites as a stand-alone column. Another way of managing your messages and seeing your favorites along with your timeline and searches.

Hashtags Links
Be able to click on hashtags links in Seesmic Web and automatically create a search. This convenient feature will allow you to easily listen to any trends in the Twitter stream.

Saved Login Preferences
You can now save your preferences and access Seesmic Web seamlessly. Just first sign up via "Connect with Twitter" and sign up to save your session, and easily access Seesmic Web going forward.

Other usability enhancements include:

  • Update your post by using the Return keystroke.
  • Ability to delete your sent messages
  • Automatic message loading upon scroll down.
If you have any direct feedback or questions on both products, the best way to send your inquiries is through our help site: http://help.seesmic.com/ .
If you have any feedback on new feature enhancements, please go to our feedback site to review, vote or add any ideas for our upcoming versions.

Feedback for Seesmic Web:

Find more info about Seesmic here: http://kb.clipotech.com/seesmic

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