Now Access Twitter Inside Gmail – Read To Know How - I'm using this for fast checking

another Twitter gadget for Gmail which lets you change status, follow people, look at bio, forward tweets to Gmail contacts etc all in ajax-ify way inside Gmail. This gadget resides in your Gmail page and thus could be a very productive tool for people glaring whole day at their mailboxes and Twitter.

Really cool and useful widget. Find it here:

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Posted 3 months ago

I think Posterous works so great in combination with Twitter & the comment system that is tightly integrated with...

I think Posterous works so great in combination with Twitter & the comment system that is tightly integrated with Twitter is an excellent way to have the discussion going on on both Posterous & Twitter at the same time. My followers can comment directly on my Posterous site and click in the field for sending the comment to Twitter too, and Twitter users can click on the link so the discussion on Posterous opens in their browser and leave a comment that way too. This works really great. I have had discussions with around 50 comments on some of my Posterous posts! That has never happened on my other blogs... I have the Twitter integration to thank for that. The Twitter iPhone App SimplyTweet is a great companion for this too, because it is tightly integrated with Posterous and will be even better for it. I've had some comments from the developer on my Posterous blog (of course!) about it and he have some great things in the works. Find more info about Posterous here: & SimplyTweet here:

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Posted 3 months ago

Updates to Seesmic Web - Inline Previews, Internationalization and more! - Where is multi-account support?

Seesmic Web is updated!

Here is the mail I've got from Seesmic Team:

As you know, we recently announced updates to Seesmic Desktop. Once again, we're very happy to share with you our latest product updates for Seesmic Web. Along with our recent updates to Seesmic Desktop, we are working hard to continue to provide features to help you build and manage your community.

Here are some of the exciting updates:

Inline Previews for Certain Links
You can now preview certain links in Seesmic Web. Easily review picture links via twitpic, yfrog and mobypicture within your current browser window without the distraction of opening a new one. Also, preview interactive displays from certain bit. ly links - you can preview YouTube videos or Google Maps displays, all conveniently within your browser.

We've started our process with the internationalization for Seesmic Web with French and Chinese. We are also planning our internationalization translation process with the help of our TeamSeesmic members. We're very excited about making Seesmic Web globally inclusive and even more excited working with some of our important assets - our users!

Favorite Timeline
We've added a favorites section to the timeline. Now you'll be able to see all your favorites as a stand-alone column. Another way of managing your messages and seeing your favorites along with your timeline and searches.

Hashtags Links
Be able to click on hashtags links in Seesmic Web and automatically create a search. This convenient feature will allow you to easily listen to any trends in the Twitter stream.

Saved Login Preferences
You can now save your preferences and access Seesmic Web seamlessly. Just first sign up via "Connect with Twitter" and sign up to save your session, and easily access Seesmic Web going forward.

Other usability enhancements include:

  • Update your post by using the Return keystroke.
  • Ability to delete your sent messages
  • Automatic message loading upon scroll down.
If you have any direct feedback or questions on both products, the best way to send your inquiries is through our help site: .
If you have any feedback on new feature enhancements, please go to our feedback site to review, vote or add any ideas for our upcoming versions.

Feedback for Seesmic Web:

Find more info about Seesmic here:

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Posted 3 months ago

Twitter's a Mess: First DDOS, Now the internet worm Koobface Returns

Twitter can't catch a break these days. Still reeling from the ongoing denial-of-service attacks that hit late last week (and have yet to let up), the company soon faced yet another threat: the return of Koobface.

Find more info about Koobface here:

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Posted 3 months ago

SimplyTweet takes the lead in the iPhone Twitter client race - Great post!

SimplyTweet takes the lead in the iPhone Twitter client race. « Cloudy Days and Netbook Nights

If I were to tell you that there is a Twitter client  for the iPhone out there that has the speed, ease of use, and attractiveness (including choice of themes, and multiple accounts) of an app like Tweetie or Twitterfon Pro; as deep a feature set as Twittelator Pro or TweetDeck (including unread counts and the equivalent of groups, bookmarks, and saved searches); and…drum roll…the first ever, full fledged, any Twitter client, push notifications!…you might say (as I did), “Okay, then why haven’t I heard of it?”

- Awesome post about my new favorite iPhone Twitter App SimplyTweet.


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Posted 3 months ago

SimplyTweet - The perfect Posterous iPhone companion!

Posterous spotlight on SimplyTweet: Twitter client for the iPhone has great Posterous integration - The Official Posterous Posterous

SimplyTweet was one of the first Twitter clients to add image support for Posterous. But they didn't stop there. SimplyTweet took things to the next level to make the Posterous experience great.

Don't be limited to 140 characters! SimplyTweet supports long tweets. The entire text of your tweet will be posted on Posterous, and your tweet will include a url 
Tags! SimplyTweet automatically turns hash tags into Posterous tags on your post 
SimplyTweet supports multiple photos to Posterous. Attach several images and get an image gallery on your Posterous site. 
If you click on a link in SimplyTweet, you get an image viewer of any photos in that post. 
SimplyTweet supports push notifications! Get notified of @replies and DMs instantly! 

(via Instapaper)

- SimplyTweet looks like the perfect Posterous companion on the iPhone! I must check this out!


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Posted 3 months ago