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Surchur: Beyond Real-Time Search To Real-Time Discovery

"Surchur has been around for more than a year, but its recent facelift aims to take real-time search toward a new idea: real-time discovery."

- Looks cool!

Find more info about Surchur:

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reMail 2.0 Nails Full-Text Search For The iPhone

The last version of reMail relied on the company’s optimized servers, which were much more efficient at running search queries than most Email providers. However, that technique came with one caveat: it required users to hand over their login credentials. I pointed this out last time I wrote about the company, figuring that most people probably wouldn’t mind too much, but CEO Gabor Cselle says that it was a surprisingly common complaint — people are just unwilling to hand over that login data (which is probably a good thing). Fortunately, reMail 2.0 does away with this problem.

This looks really good! Price: 4.99 dollar.
Find more info about reMail here:

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