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SimplyTweet - The perfect Posterous iPhone companion!

Posterous spotlight on SimplyTweet: Twitter client for the iPhone has great Posterous integration - The Official Posterous Posterous

SimplyTweet was one of the first Twitter clients to add image support for Posterous. But they didn't stop there. SimplyTweet took things to the next level to make the Posterous experience great.

Don't be limited to 140 characters! SimplyTweet supports long tweets. The entire text of your tweet will be posted on Posterous, and your tweet will include a url 
Tags! SimplyTweet automatically turns hash tags into Posterous tags on your post 
SimplyTweet supports multiple photos to Posterous. Attach several images and get an image gallery on your Posterous site. 
If you click on a link in SimplyTweet, you get an image viewer of any photos in that post. 
SimplyTweet supports push notifications! Get notified of @replies and DMs instantly! 

(via Instapaper)

- SimplyTweet looks like the perfect Posterous companion on the iPhone! I must check this out!


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I've changed the domain of my Posterous site to

I've changed the domain for my Posterous site to my own domain:
This is because I (and others) think that Posterous is the future of blogging, and I will use it a lot more now.
I've also changed the name from "feeling posterous" to "pingmicro".
I think that is a great name for this kind of site :)
What is Posterous? Knowledge:

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How to add a friendfeed widget in the Posterous sidebar

Image representing Posterous as depicted in Cr...

Image via CrunchBase

Actually you can have widgets/embeds on the side of your Posterous.
Mine is a picture! An active picture made from a FriendFeed widget. Go to friendfeed tools and choose a widget you want but instead of javascript choose image.

Go here on friendfeed:  - Instead of Javascript, choose image. Then you get the code to put in your posterous profile..

Posterous don't allow javascript but almost any other HTML, so you can use other widgets too. For example the Twitter counter I have.
Is there a particular width, or should we go with the default? In the posterous sidebar you should use 200 pixel width

Everything you put in your Posterous profile is visible in the sidebar, so the code from the friendfeed widget must be posted there.

I hope this helps.
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Zemanta helped me add links & pictures to this email. It can do it for you too.

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