Facebook for Android is on the way

Facebook for Android coming - UberGizmo

the official Facebook for Android application is already in the works according to selected leaked screenshots that are making their way around the Internet. This Facebook Android app will enable users to update their statuses directly from the Android homescreen

(via Instapaper)

- Great news for all FaceBook lovers! Personally I don't have a FaceBook account...

... And I don't want one either :)

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Posted 4 months ago

Motorola preparing WebOS-like Blur Android UI?

Motorola’s customized interface will apparently be called Blur. It will be upgradeable over-the-air and “heavily web-connected”, combining “personal contacts and social networking sites into a clean and easy to use interface.” Somewhat similar to Palm’s WebOS platform, which has proven to be quite successful until now.
- Motorola is really going for Googles Android OS (Knowledge: http://kb.clipotech.com/android ) it seems.
I think that's the way to go to be competive to Apples iPhone. Lets hope Nokia and Sony Ericsson will do the same.
Find more info about this here: http://g.clipotech.com/motorola_blur

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Posted 4 months ago