New Brightkite Products!

I've got this in my Inbox today:

Brightkite Group Text
Brightkite 2.0 is here
Textually Active! Brightkite Group Text Brightkite Group Text is here!
Group Text – Free, Unlimited, Group Text Messaging from your iPhone or iPod Touch! The “Reply All” has finally arrived in the world of texting! Send a message, location, or pic to a group of friends and when the replies come in - everyone gets them!
Get the iPhone App, visit on your mobile device or learn more about Brightkite Group Text here.
About Brightkite Group Text:
  • It's free & unlimited.
  • Works worldwide.
  • With any phone (Even Rotary! Okay, MOST phones)
  • Send texts to any phone number – not just Brightkite members!
  • Add pictures and locations to your messages.
  • Friends don't need to download a thing.
  • Great for coordinating a picnic or a pot roast.
Brightkite 2.0 is here
Send Free Texts to Anyone!It’s true- the best things in life are free! Group Text won’t cost you a dime - good news for all of you trigger-happy texters! Instead of going over your text limit or paying more to send a pic… you and any of your friends can use Group Text on Brightkite for free… Keep on Texting! Brightkite 2.0 is here
Brightkite 2.0 is here
Just the Check Please!

Opening another app on your phone? Remembering another password? Sounding like a broken record? Take the hassle out of checking in on multiple services - use to checkin on multiple services at once! Brightkite - of course ;), Gowalla, & Foursquare! Get a Beta Invite Now!

Hi, I Didn't see you there
Discover Your Friends

From back in the day to, well, ummmm… yesterday, find friends you already know on Brightkite with an instant search through your Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and Yahoo accounts.

Facebook Gmail
Twitter Yahoo

Share with your other social networks. Send posts and places to Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.
Set Up Sharing.

Discover Your Friends

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Spotify for iPhone v0.4 now available! With Scrobbling :)

Last week Spotify told us that they submitted a new version of our iPhone app to Apple for approval. The approval process has been super quick and today we’re happy to announce that the update is now available in the app store.

What’s new in this version:

  • scrobbling.
  • The ability to open and play Spotify links e.g. straight from your Facebook app or browser.
  • Save time and space by using tracks already stored on your iPod in your playlists - there’s no need to sync those track anymore.
  • Save and find your favourite tracks and albums with the Starred playlist and Star buttons (also coming to the desktop version soon!).
  • Support for listening at 96 kb/s for more efficient streaming on slow connections.
  • Spotify remembers when you were when you quit and starts up at the same location.
  • The ability to sync your purchased Spotify tracks over Wifi.
  • A new look for albums and playlists.
  • The ability to set playlist as collaborative or not.
  • The ability to search in playlists.
  • The ability to create a new playlist from the Add to Playlist view.
  • Playlists named “-” show up as separators.
  • Album reviews added to album view.
  • Volume slider uses system volume.
  • Volume normalization option added

Image test for Posterous

This is a test to see if Posterous parses a image URL and displays it:

Svartling - My Ambient Music

FREE Ambient Noise Music

Many are asking for links to listen to my strange Ambient Noise Music :)
Here you have some links!

I hope the download links still works.

Using the Zemanta Chrome Extension

Image representing Zemanta as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Testing to write with zemanta chrome extension in gmail. I wonder if that could be useful when blogging or not?
It could be useful because I blog a lot by mail.

I used Zemanta quite much before when I was using Firefox.

I stopped using it when I switched to Chrome.

Zemanta is a pretty cool extension that recommends stuff while typing.

Related articles by Zemanta

Zemanta helped me add links & pictures to this email. It can do it for you too.

Google Is Working On Letting Users Link Their Gmail And Google Apps Accounts

Google Is Working On Letting Users Link Their Gmail And Google Apps Accounts

Many people (including myself) have come to the conclusion that Gmail, with its threaded messages, spam filtering, and vast storage space, is one of the web’s best webmail providers. In fact, we like it so much that we use it for both our personal accounts and work accounts using Google Apps. But that also poses a problem: many of us wind up having to maintain two separate Google accounts, which means we have to swap logins whenever our Gmail, Reader, or other data is stored under the other account. Fortunately, there may be an end in sight for this juggling act.

Seesmic Web Now Offers Review Followers and Following, Adjustable Column Size, Sounds & Mute, Location Trends

I got this from Seesmic in my Inbox today:

Find more info about Seesmic!

Seesmic Web makes it easy to access your Twitter account from any browser and at any time. The new interface of Seesmic Web now brings to the forefront: Adjustable Column Size, Sounds, Mute / Un-mute Users, Location Trends, Inline Pictures and Video Previews. Just sign into and enjoy the changes.

Updated Followers and Following List in Contacts

Manage your followers and who you follow in our recently released Contacts feature. Be able to look through and view all of your relationships on Twitter by reviewing their profile, add them to lists and easily manage your connections.

Adjustable Column Size 

By allowing much narrower columns, Seesmic Web becomes very usable on your notebook! Want to view more columns simultaneously and they seemed too large? Go to the left side of the screen and choose the width: small or wider! 


Sound Notifications 

Missed important tweets because you did not check them in time? Seesmic Web alerts you when you've received Direct Messages, Replies or you've even sent tweets. Sounds are enabled by default and can be disabled by clicking on the second button of the top right bar.

Mute / Un-mute 

Ever wanted to hide someone from your Seesmic Web timeline when the tweets might have spoiled your surprise? You can do it now with the Mute feature! Clicking on the username, opens the profile preview and opting for Mute will exclude all the user's tweets only from your Seesmic Web platform. If you changed your mind, you can simply undo the process from Contacts. 


Inline Pictures and Video Previews

Seesmic web now lets you preview pictures and thumbnails of video directly from the timeline, without clicking on anything. It has never been easier to know what's behind all those shortened links! In Seesmic Web, you can adjust sound, replay or pause the video.


Trending Topics Locations

Do you want to know what's setting trends in certain parts of the world or must-go-to cities? Seesmic Web now allows you the possibility to do it, whether in Europe, US or simply Worldwide. By going to Trending Topics Location, you can select the city of your choice or region that catches your eye and view the mostly talked about subject.


We have also addressed the issue of being able to check and display all of your Contacts without any limitation.   

The opportunities to discover the benefits of Seesmic Web platform are numerous! Just let us know your opinion and we happy to listen to all your feedback! 

Don't forget to become a fan at
And follow us at

You can also communicate with us through our various channels:
For help and technical support:
For feedback:
Join our community:
And of course, you can contact @askseesmic on Twitter

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Springpad Big News! iPhone App & Awesome New Features

I got this cool news about a new Springpad iPhone App in my Inbox today!
Springpad is a really cool service that is a bit like Evernote.
The iPhone app is free.

Find more info about SpringPad!

Springit Blog Logo A monthly newsletter from Springpad Special Edition

Your Springpad Just Got an Update!

We've spent the last couple of months hard at work making Springpad a better service that helps you remember the many little things you come across online and in the real world.

We're excited to tell you about the improvements we've made to Springpad - it's a lot simpler and focused on providing you more ways to save and access the information that's important to you.

Check out a summary of these new features (video) or just LOGIN now!


Introducing the Springpad iPhone App

It’s finally here!  The Springpad iPhone App is the newest way to save and access all of the information you want to remember.

 - When you think of something you want to remember - just type it in!

 - Add wines, books, movies, products & more. Search for what you want to save & we'll populate the details. 

 - Use GPS to save a Business or Restaurant near your current location.

 - Scan the barcode of a product or book you'd like to remember!

- Everything syncs automatically back & forth with your account at




My Stuff got a Face Lift, a Tummy Tuck & more...

We've taken your suggestions and put in a bunch of improvements to make the My Stuff section much more organized. Check out the new layout options, and new ways to search & filter. Also, we have a brand new way to add items to your system with automatic suggestions while you type. Read about what else is new.


Automatic Data Enhancements

We've added some really useful enhancements to the data you save in Springpad. Things like quick links to menus, reviews, purchases & movie trailers. Also embedded information like maps, price comparisons & movie showtimes. Check it out!


A Brand New Clipper

We've made some major changes to the clipper, giving you the ability to save the specific information you come across on the websites you visit. We help detect the type of information that you're saving on even more sites than before. If you’re already using the clipper, don’t worry, the update is automatic. (Get the clipper!)


Just Send an Email to Springpad & We'll Do the Rest

Save information from your email to your Springpad by simply emailing it in. We'll save it as a note, so you'll know the information you need is only a quick search away.  Learn more about how to send an email to Springpad.

We’ve also removed some things.  Improvement also sometimes means removing things! In an effort to simplify Springpad, some features have been removed or changed.

Springpad Blog
Gs Logo
Fb Logo
Tw Logo
Get Help With Springpad


Find more info about Springpad!

New Hootsuite: Check in, Rock out with Foursquare and MySpace on HootSuite

I've got this in my Inbox today:

Find more info about Hootsuite!

HootSuite New Features

Check in, Rock out with Foursquare and MySpace on HootSuite

Just in time for SXSW, social butterflies can share favorite hot-spots with friends on Foursquare, plus bands and filmmakers can quickly connect with fans on MySpace - all from HootSuite's Social Media Dashboard.



Don't know about Foursquare? This web juggernaut combines way-finding, social marketing and gaming in an addictive mobile app which encourages everyday socialites to "check in" at cafes, pubs, and conferences. They can alert friends, share tips, and even become "mayor" of a location. Note: CEO Ryan loves it.



Of course, you know MySpace. The venerable web giant is the place where creative types hang out and share their work and is the first stop for discovering emerging and established bands and filmmakers. With HootSuite, artists can easily outreach to fans about shows, releases and screenings. P.S. Let's be MySpace friends.

HootSuite @SXSW

Are you headed to Austin for the massive interactive media, film, and music conference? Track us down to get your hands on some collectible cultural swag. We're also hosting Hoot-ups, giving demos and exploring the streets with the Owl in tow. Find us via the #hootsxsw hashtag plus this handy SXSW Twitter list.

You don't have to be on the ground in Texas to enjoy the fun - just add Foursquare and MySpace to your HootSuite social networks and learn locals-only tips and/or find where your favorite band is playing next - right from your beloved dashboard.

That ain't all - Marketing and stats enthusiasts take note that the custom URL parameters tool was enhanced in this release along with a batch of bug fixes and performance enhancements. Learn more about this release on the HootSuite blog.

HootSuite @SXSW

5 ways to use Twitter in high gear

Most of the advice you’ll read is from people who have been invested in social media for sometime. Often times for years. Social media is an investment. It takes months to develop relationships on social networking services. It’s a process. Each social media service has its own culture and it takes time to unlock the human code or for each service. How people interact on a particular service is differs from site to site. However, some things are the same. It’s all digital communication. Here’s some how to get established with a new account on Twitter — but many of these same concepts apply to other social media services.

- Interesting post about Twitter, trust, relationships and conversations Follow me on Twitter: Post found via

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